Self Assess Your Self Defense Skills

Self Assess Your Self Defense Skills:

How would you know whether your training is realistic? If you are able to control your territory without injuring yourself or your training partner, but ensuring the process of training is a modified reality including training drills to reverse the safety effect.

Improve Instinctive response to Danger to a sufficient effectiveness

Honing efficient skills and natural response to Danger

Nature of threat

Possibilities for continuing action based upon the need to eliminate immediate danger: Civilian Arrests/Temporary Restraint, and call the authorities (Estimated Consequences). Or kill your to be killer…

The six components of practice; For each practice of each technique or a training drill, you must check that all six components are operating:

1. You are able to demonstrate the correct sequential execution.
2. You are able to execute them in variable timing scenarios.
3. You are able to execute them immediately upon command.
4. You are able to trigger their execution responding to your training partner entering your territory (hot zone) considering his motion of threat.
5. You are able to trigger their execution by using your judgment as your training partner in the role of attacker is attempting to baffle and feint.
6. You are able to respond to multiple threats and able to prioritize the order you are dealing with them.

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